CloudBilling - about us

About CloudBilling

CloudBilling empowers informed decision making

CloudBilling is a high growth Dutch tech company that demystifies the usage economy with transparent solutions that provide insight in invoices, usage and data. CloudBilling started out to help the very first SaaS companies by implementing billing solutions supporting subscription and usage-based billing as early as 2009. Over the years CloudBilling has expanded it’s services with products that extract data from the billing platform to perform in-depth analysis. These analyses are enriched with the most important insights to empower informed decision making. 

Demystifying the usage economy with transparent solutions

By doing so CloudBilling empowers informed decision making

CloudBilling - about us

Always one step ahead

CloudBilling is powerful and solid, with a proven reliable foundation. But CloudBilling is also: steady as a rock, without being rusted. Surprisingly adaptive, we keep adjusting to new circumstances. Always on the move to think of ways to improve ourselves. This way, CloudBilling develops solutions that grow with the needs and challenges of customers. Solving problems before they exist, we aim to deliver products that continuously amaze our customers.

CloudBilling - about us

Navigating the usage economy

CloudBilling helps to see the wood for the trees in the growing complexity of private and public services, SaaS and transactional processes. We create an overview to show where you stand and where to go. Guiding our customers in the complex world of the usage economy.

Management team

CloudBilling - Rob Coppen

Managing Director Rob Coppen

CloudBilling-founder Rob Coppen is deeply fascinated by technology as a problem solver for complex issues. Rob started CloudBilling in 2009, ever since supporting companies to transform their business through technology, with services that provide solutions for the challenges of the usage economy. 

Commercial Director Robin de Vries

Robin de Vries has years of experience working in IT and thus knows the challenges of service and software providers first hand. At CloudBilling Robin is responsible for accounts, marketing and development of services that help customers to enhance their business.