About CloudBilling

At CloudBilling we believe that usage based business models are the future. Subscription based, pay-per-use, fixed fee based, combinations of such models, etc. Managing the billing of all kinds of business models is our expertise. We enable companies to have an agile ecosystem and respond quickly to changing market conditions. 


CloudBilling is a young and innovative organization. We develop software from our own development center in Cape Town. Also we have an additional team in India.

Our offer

We serve companies that are dealing with challenging billing structures. Therefore we offer an extended solution for managing and invoicing usage-based services. We provide a flexible billing application and give you regular insights, on an operational and strategical level.

We make pay per use really work. More information about what CloudBilling can do for you, you will find here.

CloudBilling & Yellowtail

CloudBilling is a company of the Yellowtail Group. We have our offices in Naarden, The Netherlands.


Our service meets the highest available certification. Therefor it is hosted with a Dutch SIP in a Dutch data center. Furthermore all data is sent over an encrypted link. We create daily backups, which are stored encrypted in serval locations, geographically separated.


Don’t hesitate to contact us to get any queries you want answered.

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