CloudBilling: The billing solution for Amazon AWS

The Amazon AWS billing problem

Billing the usage of Amazon AWS can be difficult.

Let alone presenting this in a clear and consolidated invoice.

And then you might have tailored pricing agreements you want to apply.

How to swiftly manage Amazon AWS billing? You can, with CloudBilling

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What CloudBilling solves for you

Collects all your customers’ usage

1 clear consolidated invoice with ALL usage

Configure how you want to process various AWS usage types

Setup multiple AWS accounts

How CloudBilling collects usage for Amazon AWS billing

CloudBilling imports data from a wide variety of systems and sources.
We do this real-time allowing you to provide an up-to-date invoice at any moment.

Amazon AWS billing with CloudBilling

Managing complex billing

With our 9 building blocks CloudBilling can handle every complex pricing plan

You always maintain flexibility in your pricing to adjust to new circumstances.

AWS pricing building blocks

Various output options

Sending invoices

CloudBilling sends your invoices out to your customers. We can do this in a variety of formats such as PDF, UBL and XML.

Financial systems

In addition to invoices, CloudBilling also provide you with an export for your financial system. By entering your general ledger codes in CloudBilling, we deliver an export that you only have to upload in your financial system.

CloudBilling BI logo for Amazon AWS billing

Business Intelligence

Get insight into customer behaviour and product performance! With CloudBilling Business Intelligence you are able to really act data-driven and discover new opportunities.

The BI solution for Amazon AWS billing

CloudBilling is a future proof solution

After implementation CloudBilling grows along with you.

  • Easily add new data sources
  • Flexibly change your pricing plans
  • Add more customers
  • Add more complex pricing agreements and contracts
  • Keep a clear overview of all your pricing agreements

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