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CloudBilling introduces CloudBilling Business Intelligence. With this, CloudBilling offers strategic insight into customer behaviour and product performance. The billing data from CloudBilling is made accessible in a BI environment and can be analysed comprehensively.

CloudBilling turns billing data into a strategic tool

Increase in turnover due to strategic insights

Capitalise billing data

This is an important step in the long-term vision of CloudBilling. “Our ultimate goal to further capitalise billing data is one step closer”, says Rob Coppen, director of CloudBilling. “By making the data from CloudBilling broadly analysable, we can start thinking about future expansions, such as what-if analyses and alerting.”

With CloudBilling Business Intelligence analyses can be made at all levels. From periodic standard reports to ad hoc analyses. This way CloudBilling contributes to a data driven strategy.

Unlock data broadly

Coppen: “Seen from the billing process, there is still a lot of additional profit to be gained for organisations”. By making this BI environment widely available in an organisation, valuable information out of billing data is no longer limited to the financial department. From product management to marketing and from sales to management: everyone is able to zoom in on relevant information for their own field of expertise.

“Think about the customer life cycle and rayon differences. With insights from CloudBilling Business Intelligence, account managers can be directed more focused, supported by data. By setting up dashboards tailored to the needs of departments, deviations from the normal can be easily understood.”

With the expansion of CloudBilling Business Intelligence, the CloudBilling Maturity model will be further developed: from making the billing in order, to providing insight. And so be able to make strategic decisions.

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