Billing for Amazon Web Services

AWS provides services to help you build sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability, and reliability. However, AWS does not provide you any tools to help you with billing of the AWS spend. As the AWS usage of your customers grows, it becomes a bigger challenge to invoice these customers individually. CloudBilling’s AWS connector allows you to effortlessly deliver custom-made invoices. The connector quickly and conveniently automates charging of resource spend and managed services fees.

Benefits of the AWS connector

  • Collect all AWS usage
  • Create a single consolidated invoice per customer
  • Consolidate multiple AWS accounts (master & linked)
  • Apply custom pricing

Custom-made invoices delivered effortlessly

Connect multiple master accounts

Configure multiple master accounts on a single CloudBilling instance. Charge and invoice combinations of master accounts and corresponding linked accounts from one place and receive reports on the latest daily usage.

Manage reservation sharing

Determine the distribution of reservations across different accounts. Share the reservations you have purchased equally across other accounts or just charge them at public on-demand rates.

Automate services fees

Automate managed services fees related to the AWS cloud spend and apply complex pricing models to offer custom support fees based on spend tiers.


Provide insight

You decide the level of detail shown on the invoice for AWS. Our implementation consultants help you design an invoice layout that works for your business.

Custom handling of charging types

Determine how you want to handle:

  • Credits
  • Refunds
  • SppDiscounts
  • Taxes

You decide to either withhold them or pass them on to customers. Set up custom margins or discounts per customer and isolate and handle taxes separately.


Try AWS connector in action

CloudBilling integrates with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The AWS connector allows you to deliver custom-made invoices. The connector quickly and conveniently automates charging of resource usage and managed services fees.

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