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The sales and delivery of Amazon Web Services (AWS) services and solutions is on an upward trend. AWS is mostly used for data management & storage, backup & recovery, analytics and communication applications. The delivery, management and billing of these services is becoming more complex and critical. With the pay-as-you-go approach AWS asks for advanced AWS billing software.

AWS is a huge cloud service platform with flexible IT services that are made available via the cloud. Due to the pay-per-use business model, these services are paid on the basis of actual consumption. This makes it possible for companies to use the most advanced technologies at a limited cost. A very flexible and scalable solution.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) billing

As AWS reseller you provide AWS services to your customers. This way, Amazon enables you to provide Cloud services based on actual use.

You are responsible for the delivery, support and invoicing of the AWS solutions to your customers. These solutions are purchased over varying time periods on the basis of required capacity. Amazon will invoice these services to you on the basis of this actual consumption. AWS provides a billing report in which all consumption and costs are recorded. You have to process this input into invoices for your customer. But how do you arrange that?

Billing often occurs through existing accounting systems. These systems are less suitable for processing services that fluctuate. That makes the billing of the AWS services of Amazon more complex than necessary.

The solution for AWS billing

CloudBilling has developed a billing service that allows you to automate the calculation and generation of AWS invoices. With this Cloud based solution you can easily bill the purchased AWS services on a pay-per-use basis.

One invoice with al your services

It is also easy to combine the AWS consumption on the invoices with the consumption or licenses of other Cloud services such as Microsoft (CSP) or your own services.

CloudBilling reads in all these consumption flows per customer, and matches this with the price models that you have listed in CloudBilling.

Our solution further consists of:

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