Current CloudBilling vacancies

Working at CloudBilling

Paying for what you actually use is on the rise. Particularly in cloud services. But billing in this manner can be a challenge. CloudBilling makes pay-per-use billing easy. We automate the billing process. This saves our clients a lot of time, which they can use for their core business!

But Billing is just the start. With all the registered usage, we collect lots of data. Our BI-solution gives insights in customer behavior and product performance. With that, our clients gain insights in the ever-changing market situations.

In a small and multi-disciplinary team, we act and communicate quickly. And you gain responsibility, but no panic: your colleagues are always there to support you. You have the freedom to play your role in your way. CloudBilling is part of the Yellowtail Group. You will experience the vibe of a start-up, in a bigger organization with a nice and professional office with a good lunch, education possibilities and social activities. And we obviously organize activities ourselves as well!

We are always on the look-out for great talent to join our team. If you don’t find a job-posting, but believe that you have a special talent to bring to CloudBilling, then please send an email: