Case studies

Read case studies of CloudBilling clients who are using our solution to drive their business results. To learn more about a specific case study please contact us.

Case: Inspark

Through a Microsoft event, where CloudBilling was given the opportunity to present its solution, Inspark immediately recognised that CloudBilling could be the solution to cope with their future growth. At that moment they weren’t capable to bill their CSP service. They were forced to spend a lot of time on this subject because they had to enter the data manually. It hindered Inspark’s ambitions.

Case: Telco

This Telco Provider of business telephony wanted to introduce, in a short time span, a new consumer mobile telephony product to the market. An essential requirement was to put every purchase and subscription on a single invoice. They also wanted a connection with their CRM system to add new customers automatically to the billing system. Within 4 months (from selection until the first invoice) CloudBilling was hooked up to the operational telephony and administrative systems of Telco Provider.

Case: Axians

Axians has created its cloud services with the VMware Cloud technology, making it an obvious choice to use the VMware tools to charge their customers for technical services. They soon noticed that these tools didn’t meet their expectations. The Axians engineers spent each month a considerable amount of time to keep the invoicing process more or less working.

Case: Basecone

Basecone’s large customer base uses the application to upload, authorize and process various documents. They are billed monthly based on their usage. Multiple people within the organisation registered the contractual agreements with the customers in various ways. The list with agreements and exceptions to these agreements became longer and harder to check, making it prone to errors and causing the end-to-end invoicing to take 16 days a month.