CloudBilling BI

CloudBilling BI

Control your billing
Conquer with data

Up-to-date insight

Optimize your strategy with up-to-date insights

  • Cost & revenue management
  • Margin management
  • Zoom in on specific markets, products or customers

Add your own data

Extend your BI insights by adding additional company data

For instance: Add service managers and get insight into performance per manager.

Reliable data

Work with reliable data without pollution

By using the data of the approved invoices out of CloudBilling for BI purposes you can ensure yourself of pure data.

Other features

Analyse consumption and invoiced euros

With CloudBilling Business Intelligence you can smartly control consumption and invoiced euros (or dollars, or …). After all, CloudBilling knows what is being consumed and what has been invoiced. The billing platform knows your pricing model in detail.

Ready to go set-up

CloudBilling Business Intelligence comes with a standard basic set-up. We deliver a set-up that, once the CloudBilling billing platform starts running, shows which data is available.

Then you have complete freedom to adjust the dashboards and reports to your wishes. After all, starting from an existing basis is always easier than with a blank sheet.

Analyses based on your business set-up

With CloudBilling Business Intelligence you can make analyses at all levels. This is possible because the product and customer group structure from our billing platform is included in the BI environment. From main groups to individual customers and products.

Always up-to-date

Change the data as often as you want. This gives you the most up-to-date data and allows you to respond immediately to current developments.

Personal & department dashboards

Set up dashboards per department or individual and provide insights as needed. Every department within an organisation has its own wishes. This also applies to data insights.