Billing for Microsoft CSP partners

As a Microsoft CSP partner, you can use the latest Microsoft resources to build unique solutions for virtually any customer, to serve businesses of all sizes. As a partner you are responsible for invoicing all solutions directly to your customers in a pay-per-use model. CloudBilling’s Azure & O365 connector allows you to effortlessly deliver custom-made invoices. The connector quickly and conveniently automates charging of resource spend and managed services fees.



Benefits of the CSP connector

  • Easily collect all relevant usage
  • Combine Azure and seat-based offers (i.a. NCE) on a single invoice
  • Automatically process the exchange rate for Azure Plan
  • Apply custom pricing

Custom-made invoices delivered effortlessly

Stop revenue leakage

Get rid of errors caused by manual processing of Microsoft reconciliation files, by automatically consolidating all usage of one or more tenants into one invoice.

Apply custom pricing

Determine for each customer how individual products are charged on the invoice. Set up custom margins or discounts per customer or charge public on-demand rates.

Provide insight

You decide the level of detail shown on the invoice for Azure and/or licenses. Our implementation consultants help you design an invoice layout that works for your business.

Plenty of extra’s (coming soon)

We are working on extending the CSP connector with tools for Reserved Instances, Software Subscriptions and Azure Marketplace.

Automatically invoice

Determine how you want to handle:

Azure & Azure Plan

  • Exchange rates
  • Partner earned credit
  • Custom margins

Seat based offers (Office 365, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and more)

  • Always up to date pricing
  • New Commerce Experience

Try our CSP connector

CloudBilling integrates with Microsoft CSP services. The CSP connector allows you to deliver custom-made invoices. The connector quickly and conveniently automates charging of resource usage and managed services fees.

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