Feature overview

CloudBilling offers a billing solution for all your billing challenges. We measure the purchases made, calculate what to invoice and generate specified invoices. This leads to lower operational costs, fewer errors and better customer experience. We handle all pricing plans; pay-per-use, metered billing, ladders, bundles, you name it.

Here you find the feature overview for our billing system.


Clear and accurate invoices, with detailed description

CloudBilling generates clear invoices for your customers. Accurate, with a detailed description. No matter how complex your pricing plans are. We will always keep them crystal clear, for you and your customers.

Extended pricing plans

In CloudBilling we don’t use hard coded pricing rules. As a result you always have the flexibility to create new pricing models. Or adjust them. Our 9 price plan building blocks can be combined and linked on different levels in our product and customer tree. This way we make creative pricing, created by sales, possible. CloudBilling provides several pre-set up pricing rules to assist with the first introduction.

Flexible product & customer structures

It is very easy to set-up flexible product structures within a specific product group. This clustering is often quite closely related to your product catalog. But you can shape it whatever you like. Likewise, the customer structures work in the same flexible way. This is often related to geographical location, distributor- and reseller structures.

Business Intelligence capabilities

Reporting and insightsWith several widgets and reports, we provide you with valuable insights on customer behavior and product performance.

To create clear and transparent invoices, CloudBilling uses key data from your organization. Such as customer-, product-, price- and usage data. Aside from using this data for billing, CloudBilling transforms it into all kinds of reports. It enables you to react to changes.

Widgets & reports

The widgets offer an “at-a-glance” view of your customer data. It allows you to display all relevant information on a single screen. Each CloudBilling user can configure his or her dashboard with the widgets they find relevant.

Filter and segment the extensive collection of data even further and gain better insights into your business performance and. CloudBilling contains various standard reports. Our Business Intelligence extension provides more comprehensive insights on your billing data.

Connect with third party platforms with our connectors.Integration with connectors or API

CloudBilling integrates with almost all platforms. We provide various standard connectors with third party platforms.

For example source systems like Public Cloud Services and Private Cloud platforms (Microsoft CSP, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, VMware, Odin, etc). But also CRM’s and General Ledgers.

In addition to these connectors CloudBilling integrates with other systems as well. For this we use the well documented CloudBilling API.

On the Integrations page we give you more information about our integrations.

Combining purchases of different platforms

We generate consolidated invoices, combining the usage of your customer of all connected data sources into one single invoice.

Invoices in file format & template you prefer

Let us know how you want to send your invoices and we will manage it. CloudBilling can send them directly to your customers. As a PDF, UBL, CSV or other format. If you rather want to send them yourself, CloudBilling will provide you with such format. Through the UI or with our API.

Our invoice templates can be completely modified to your corporate identity and other wishes.

General ledger connection

CloudBilling can be hooked up to your general ledger or accounting software. This enables you to shorten your monthly closing from sometimes weeks to a few days.

Real-time billing

Continuous billing ensures the invoices are always up-to-date (hot invoices).


CloudBilling makes it possible to automatically email the invoices to your customers.

All customer details at a glance

The customer cockpit offers an “at-a-glance” view on a customer. First of all, it allows for better searching through customers, and displays all relevant information on a single screen. Furthermore, it allows detailed analysis on how the customer’s invoice is structured. Allowing to drill down from the highest level all the way down to the specific rules and purchases, underlying the invoice.

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