Google GCP

Billing for the Google Cloud Platform

In 2019 Google launched the Partner Advantage Program for managed service providers (MSP), value-added resellers (VAR) and indirect resellers to resell GCP services to end customers. By consolidating 16 different programs into one program with clearly defined incentives GCP allows their partners to further their expertise and ability to successfully drive new business. CloudBilling’s GCP Connector allows you to bill your customers quickly and conveniently.

Benefits of the GCP connector

  • Collect all GCP usage
  • Create a single consolidated invoice per customer
  • Consolidate multiple GCP accounts
  • Apply custom pricing

Custom-made invoices delivered effortlessly

Manage Multiple GCP Master Billing Accounts from a Single Location

Combine multiple Master Billing accounts in one CloudBilling environment. Apply discounts for one or more billing accounts quickly and deal with all the different charges in one go.

Google Partner Advantage Incentives

As a Google Partner, you want to make maximum use of the available incentives that are applicable for you or your customers. Bill your customer on discounted rates or on-demand rates based on your pricing model and contract terms with your customers.

Setup default or custom markups on the GCP service charges so you can easily control your selling margins.

Manage Different Charge Types

With CloudBilling you can share the Committed Use Discounts from Google and partially pass those on to your customers, get a report on the Sustained Use Discounts for a specific customer. Gain complete insight into the Partner Discounts earned per customer. In addition, CloudBilling extensively supports workflows for each charge type, to automate varied actions for different charges.


Provide insight

You decide the level of detail shown on the invoice for GCP. Our implementation consultants help you design an invoice layout that works for your business and set up CloudBilling’s integrated Business Intelligence functionality for you and your customers.

Automatically invoice

Determine how you want to handle:

  • Customer margins
  • Committed Use discounts
  • Sustained Use discounts
  • How to structure your invoice

Staying in control of your GCP service costs and invoices to your customers is critical to enhancing your service offerings and getting paid on time. The connector quickly and conveniently automates charging of resource usage and managed services fees.


Try GCP connector in action

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