How does CloudBilling work?

In short: CloudBilling imports data from all systems relevant for your billing and converts this into clear, specified invoices.
And this is how we do this: 

How does CloudBilling workStep 1: collect the data

CloudBilling can import data from a wide scale of systems and platforms. We have standard connectors with many third-party platforms, such as production systems, service management systems and CRM’s.

If we don’t cover the platforms you work with, the CloudBilling API will make it possible to set-up an automated connection.

Step 2: Process into billing data

In CloudBilling we process all the collected data into usable information for the billing of your products or services. The measured usage data runs past your pricing plan automatically. No more handwork! This includes all exceptions on product- and customer (group) level. Those will be caught in pricing rules as well.

We have several industry specific pricing plans, for example for cloud hosting providers.

Step 3: invoices & general ledgers output


Let us know how you want your invoices to look like and we will manage it. CloudBilling can send the invoices directly as a PDF, UBL, CSV or other format to your customers. If you rather want to send them yourself, we will provide you with these files via CloudBillings User Interface or CloudBillings API.

General ledger

To ease things further we can provide your General Ledger platform with all the data it needs. We have standard exports to many of the major General Ledger platforms. And if not, our generic export feature will make this connection possible.

Other purposes

You might have other purposes you want to use the CloudBilling output for. Our API can help you with that. Otherwise we can always set you up with a manual export.

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