How we manage complex billing

Usage based billing models are becoming increasingly more common. But with a diversity of products, metrics and pricing agreements it can become quite a challenge to invoice. The CloudBilling billing solution helps you to get clear, specified invoices in a fraction of the time. 

How CloudBilling manages comprehensive billing

CloudBilling supports various comprehensive billing scenarios. This is a result of combining our 9 price plan building blocks and using our cluster-based customer and product structure.

Manage your pricing model

Easily set up a pricing model that fulfills your needs. CloudBilling provides you tools to configure and manage nearly all of the creative pricing models created by your sales team. You have the flexibility to adjust your pricing plans along the way. This also gives you a central place where all pricing agreements are located giving you a clear overview.

Pricing rules on different levels

In CloudBilling you can set pricing rules on various levels with our cluster structures. This means that you are able to bill agreements based on:

  • Individual contracts
  • Geographic locations
  • Distributor- and reseller structure
  • Multi-currency

9 pricing building blocks

The pricing rules defined in CloudBilling express the pricing plan. The result of each rule can be shown on the invoice. As a result we are able to produce transparent, fully specified invoices for your customers.

With the 9 building blocks we use for the pricing rules we are able to cover nearly every pricing structure. Now, and in the future.

Specifies a unit price.
Adjust (fixed)
Give a fixed discount or surcharge.
Adjust (percentage)
Give a percentage discount or surcharge (often used for VAT).
Sums all amounts in the specified Product cluster. This rule is also used for applying ladders on usage in a period, instead of to individual purchases.
Group price
Acts like the sum pricing rule. Only after summing the underlying items, the summed value is replaced with the value.
Ladder pricing rules are used for tiered pricing. Both segmented and staggered ladders are supported.

Maximum price
Define a maximum price charged for a Product cluster.
Minimum price
Define a minimum price charged for a Product cluster.
The bundle rule checks the usage against all of the bundles.

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