Microsoft CSP Billing

Your Cloud Solutions you offer and deliver to your customers are expanding steadily. This means that managing and billing these services is becoming a more complex and critical process. Microsoft supports your Cloud Solutions with their Cloud Solution Program (CSP). With the CSP program Microsoft provides the opportunity for faster Cloud Solutions delivery and the chance to expand your Cloud Business with pay-per-use services.

Microsoft has a few requirements when it comes to participating in the CSP program. One of those requirements is to automate the billing of Microsoft CSP services. To meet with this requirement CloudBilling, together with Microsoft, has developed a plug & play CSP based billing solution for Microsoft provider.

Microsoft CSP invoicing 

As a CSP Service Provider you sell Microsoft licenses and capacity cloud services such as Office 365, Microsoft Azure, EMS and CRM Online. You manage the activation and invoicing within the Microsoft Partner Centre portal. Microsoft CSP enables you to offer Cloud services on a real pay-per-use base.

You as a CSP provider, are responsible for the delivery, support and invoicing of the CSP solutions towards your customers. The solutions are ordered per license and/or Azure capacity based on daily usage. Based on this actual usage Microsoft bills you on a monthly basis. The actual invoicing date depends on the activation of your CSP program, and doesn’t have to follow 1st day of a month billing principle. Microsoft provides an API and a CSV file; using either the API or CSV as a source you have to create your customer invoice. How do you handle this?

Invoicing is usually done via existing accounting systems. These systems are less suitable for processing pay-per-use services. This makes the billing of Microsoft’s CSP services far more complex.

The solution for CSP invoicing

CloudBilling collaborated with the Microsoft CSP team and developed a billing solution, which you can use to bill your Microsoft CSP services. With this Cloud-based solution you can bill your CSP services with your own pricing model and margins. With our solution you are able to combine all Microsoft CSP services on 1 customer invoice, even via your own accounting system. You can also add and combine other Cloud services like AWS or your own private cloud solutions on that same invoice.


Our solution consists of:

  • Configured pricing model based on Microsoft CSP services
  • Integration with the Microsoft CSP API
  • Integration with most of the well-known accounting systems
  • Expanded reporting possibilities
  • Integration with customer service portals
  • Possibilities of invoicing other Cloud or Telco services

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