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End-Customer Billing for the AWS Solution Provider Program

AWS started the Solution Provider Program for managed service providers (MSP), value-added resellers (VAR), system integrators and public sector partners to resell AWS services to end customers. The idea was to incentivize them further for their AWS expertise and ability to successfully drive new business, thereby allowing them to obtain more value from reselling AWS services.

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Microsoft Azure billing

Microsoft’s New Azure: the Consequences for New Azure Billing

Microsoft’s New Azure: the Consequences for New Azure Billing In September 2019, Microsoft released additional information about the introduction of New Azure. This will be available in the Microsoft Partner Center from 1 November, 2019. This has a number of important implications for New Azure billing. Consequences of New Azure on Billing for Microsoft Partners

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5 Typical Hybrid Cloud Billing Challenges You Have to be Aware of

What are the Billing Issues a Hybrid Cloud Reseller Faces? The adoption of both public and private clouds has seen a significant rise in the past years. Nowadays, cloud resellers typically offer a combination of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS from a large number of (cloud) vendors. Most often they do this in the form of

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Solutions for Billing Cloud Offerings at 3 Levels

3 Cloud Reseller Growth Phases & Associated Billing Solutions for Cloud Offerings The cloud market is growing and so are the number of resellers. No news on that side. Now that the cloud market is maturing, typical problem areas for billing cloud offerings are starting to emerge. Regardless of the size of the organization, the

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8 Next-Level Invoice Tips

Why a Good Invoice is Crucial Invoices, you send them in order to get paid. But the best invoices are so much more than a dull document with some amounts. A good invoice is a marketing instrument as well. A monthly or even weekly touch point with your customers. With our invoice tips you wil

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3 reasons why you should do more with billing data

The data from your invoicing is invaluable for your company. Unfortunately, this often does not get the attention it deserves. We give you 3 reasons why you should. Invoices … …contain all relevant building blocks Products, customers, quantities and prices. These are the basics for every company. All this data forms your invoices. This data

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5 simple tips for a great SaaS pricing plan

Following your product, the pricing plan is the basis of your company. It’s the cornerstone of your business model. However, companies often spend just a couple of hours per year on their pricing plans, if at all. But just like your product, you need to evaluate and refine your pricing in order to remain competitive.

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New: CloudBilling Business Intelligence

CloudBilling turns billing data into a strategic tool Increase in turnover due to strategic insights CloudBilling introduces CloudBilling Business Intelligence. With this, CloudBilling offers strategic insight into customer behaviour and product performance. The billing data from CloudBilling is made accessible in a BI environment and can be analysed comprehensively.   Capitalise billing data This is

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CloudBilling Post Microsoft Inspire Event

CloudBilling Post Microsoft Inspire Event It’s a wrap! With a good feeling we look back at the CloudBilling Post Microsoft Inspire Event.   CloudBilling introduces CloudBilling BI The afternoon was kicked off by Rob Coppen, director of CloudBilling. Short acquaintance For the many new faces in the hall, Rob started this afternoon with a short

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Save time and money. Manage your multi-cloud strategy well!

81% of enterprise cloud users today work with a multi-cloud strategy(RightScale 2018 State of the Cloud Report) Market trends The total market of cloud vendors and consumers with a multi-cloud strategy still grows, although the share of hybrid cloud strategies has slightly decreased. The overall adoption of cloud went up to 96% with both multiple

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