Reports & analyses

The growing use of pay-per-use business models also has consequences for internal reporting. It has become increasingly complex to get control and insight into revenue, costs, margins and other usage-based data. With the reporting tools of CloudBilling we help organizations to anticipate on customer behavior.

From invoice to insights

Reporting for pay-per-use businesses with CloudBilling widgets To create clear and transparent invoices, CloudBilling uses key data from your organization such as customer-, product-, price- and usage data. Aside from using this data for billing, CloudBilling transforms it into all kinds of reports.

This enables you to:

  • Analyze purchasing behavior of customer groups
  • Manage complex financial contract structures and parameters
  • Create and apply new price models
  • Guard your margins
  • Optimize pricing models and product/service compositions

Standard reports CloudBilling

CloudBilling is standard equipped with several basic reports:

By checking these reports on a regular basis, you get valuable insights on your company’s performance.

CloudBilling Business Intelligence

Want to take things up a notch? Extend CloudBilling with our Business Intelligence solution. Get insight into customer behaviour and product performance.

With CloudBilling BI you are able to really act data driven and discover new opportunities. We unlock all data generated in CloudBilling for you in a BI environment.

Take a look around

This interactive report gives you an idea of all the data that becomes available to you with CloudBilling Business Intelligence. Curious about the CloudBilling Business Intelligence solution? Click on the button to get access to the CloudBilling BI demo report.

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