Billing solution for usage based invoices

You calculate your products or services based on usage; consumption, number of users or other variable units. Maybe even in combination with a fixed fee.
Now you are looking for a billing solution to automat the preparation of clear, specified invoices.

We offer you powerful billing software. With this we give you control, flexibility and insight into your billing process.
For billing products and services in high volumes and/or based on consumption.

A billing solution for:

From importing & calculating to sending out your invoices 

  • We import the usage
  • We calculate what has to be invoiced
  • We transform this into detailed invoices
  • We send the invoice to your customer

We support all kinds of pricing models. Such as pay-per-use, subscriptions, metered billing, scales, bundles, etc. We can handle them all.

In addition, our flexibility ensures that you can adjust quickly. For example, with changing market conditions, services and business models.

Your challengesYou billing challenges: various pricing models and contracts and a high volume of customers to invoice

  • You experience that invoicing your services based on actual use is more complicated than traditional (monthly) fixed fees.
  • You have a high volume of customers to invoice or have a big growth objective for your customer base.
  • You have to deal with various pricing plans for billing your services and customers.
  • Your customers expect clear and accurate invoices and insight into their usage.
  • Your marketing and sales campaigns often get stuck on not being able to invoice the sales promotions in a clear and transparent way.

Your needs: a solution to simplify your billing

  • Make your periodic invoicing process shorter and less labor-intensive
  • Have insight into your revenue, cost and margin development, based on the usage of your services by your customers
  • Have a solution that works for you now, but still suits you when your organization grows and innovates.

Our SaaS billing software: clear, specified usage-based invoices

We enable you to compose clear, specified invoices, based on the usage of your customers. Connect your platform to CloudBilling using our well documented CloudBilling API. Send your usage-data to CloudBilling and we’ll compile (real-time or batch) invoices.

Pricing plans
Setting-up pricing plans is not a problem at all. CloudBilling is provided with pre set-up pricing plans that can easily be adjusted to your needs. You will have real-time insight into the generated invoices (hot-invoices).CloudBilling offers clear, specified invoices, real time insights and customer behavior

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Transform billing data into insights

To create clear and transparent invoices, CloudBilling uses key data from your organisation, such as customer-, product-, price- and usage data. Aside from using this data for billing, this data can also be transformed into all kinds of reports.

CloudBilling’s added value

  • Real-time billing
  • Scalable
  • Time saving
  • Insight into usage and costs
  • Insight into revenue and margin
  • Insight into customer behaviour and product performance
  • Enabling more accurate forecasts by analysing customer- and product information in CloudBilling

How does CloudBilling work  –  Why CloudBilling  –  Features  –  Integrations  –  Reports & analyses  –  Setting up pricing plans

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