VMware Connector

Billing for VMware

Many service providers combine Public Cloud services with their own Private Cloud or IaaS offerings. With VMware-based Private Cloud you are responsible for invoicing everything directly to your customers. This comes with its own unique set of challenges. CloudBilling’s VMware connector automatically tracks all usage, so nothing is lost. Allowing you to effortlessly deliver tailor-made invoices to your customers.

Benefits of the VMware connector

  • Automatically gather 100% of usage
  • Create a single consolidated invoice per customer
  • Consolidate multiple Resource group or Tenants on a single invoice
  • Apply custom pricing

Custom-made invoices delivered effortlessly

No more revenue leakage

When manually tracking and billing VMware usage you run a significant risk of billing errors or missing resource usage that needs to be invoiced, all adding up to incalculable revenue leakage. Revenue leakages can become a serious issue for a business. Our VMware integration automates this process, so nothing is missed.

Define your own products and services

CloudBilling allows you to define your own products and services, allowing you to map resource usage to products of your own catalogue. CloudBilling automatically assigns resources usage to products with the correct SLA and pricing agreements based on your criteria.

Save time on billing and reconciliation

By automating the usage collection, rating, and invoice generation CloudBilling significantly reduces time spent on your administrative processes. CloudBilling supports different workflows for each charge type, to automate varied actions for different charges.

Provide insight

You decide the level of detail shown on the invoice. Our implementation consultants help you design an invoice layout that works for your business. On top of that we can set up detailed Business Intelligence reports for you or your customers.

Automatically invoice

CloudBilling allows you to:

  • Setup custom pricing & margins
  • Spend less time on billing & invoicing
  • Reduce revenue leakage
  • Have more control on how to structure your invoice

Staying in control of your VMware usage and invoices to your customers is critical to enhancing your service offerings and getting paid on time. The connector quickly and conveniently automates charging of resource usage and managed services fees.


Try VMware connector in action

CloudBilling integrates with VMware. The VMware connector allows you to deliver custom-made invoices. The connector quickly and conveniently automates charging of resource usage and managed services fees.

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