Why CloudBilling?

Why a cloud billing solution? Your customers suffer from unclear, non-transparent invoices… You are having problems charging your customers for exactly what they have used… Your financial administrators spend days and weeks on your month end closing… It is a monthly puzzle to figure out how to deal with all individual agreements… Are your accountants having a hard time to assess your billing proces to be accurate, complete and timely?

Whether you are just struggling to get your billing done or want more insights over your sales and revenue on a strategic level. CloudBilling offers you a billing solution that takes you further.

Why our customers choose CloudBilling

Why CloudBillingIn control over your most fundamental process

The billing of your products and services is one of the most fundamental processes for your business. It has to be a steady, accurate, complete and in-time. CloudBilling offers you a proven solution that provides this correctness, completeness and timeliness. Your monthly billing process will be done faster. Invoices are clear, correct and better specified.

Insights in revenue, costs and margins

The data that you use for your billing is more valuable than just for invoicing purposes. It gives detailed insight into business parameters like your revenue, costs and margins. CloudBilling provides you with these insights, for instance through several standard reports. Our comprehensive Business Intelligence extension will provide even more insights and opportunities to cross-reference all this date. We let your insights take you to the next level.

Flexible for changing conditions

The world we live in changes more rapidly every day. The same goes for your organization and its business models. What works today can be outdated tomorrow.

Flexible pricing plans

CloudBilling gives you the flexibility that no matter the changes, you will always be able to transform new business models and pricing plans into accurate invoices and detailed isight. Here we describe how we manage various pricing plans.

Integration with other solutions

At the same time CloudBilling can be integrated in many IT landscapes. Using standard connectors and our extensive CloudBilling API many integrations are possible.

Future proof

With CloudBilling you have a solution for the long run. Whether you are a startup, or have already grown to become a big organization, CloudBilling grows with you. Check our features to see how we accomplish this.

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How does CloudBilling work

CloudBilling imports data and converts this into clear, specified invoices. Let us show you how our billing tool can make your live much easier.

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